Legions: Overdrive is run by a team of volunteers who are contributing their spare time to running and improving the game in any way possible. We aren't making any profit out of this game, any donations made towards Legions go purely towards the running costs of the game so that the developers aren't using their own limited funds to continue running servers for the game.

Any donations go towards the following running costs:

  • US Server (Game Servers and TeamSpeak 3)
  • EU Server (Game Servers)

Other people who aren't likely to benefit from these services are free to donate - however please remember that any donations go towards these current running costs.

Donate Now!

Don't forget to include a note with your nickname so we know who to thank!

The most efficient way of donating is by logging in to the Paypal site, using Send Money to, making sure you select Personal - Gift as the payment option. This way we can get the full amount (or close to the full amount) for your donations (assuming you're paying from a Paypal balance and not a debit/credit card).

We can accept donations this way in US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR). Please donate in your own currency!

Alternatively you can use the buttons below, but there is a minor transaction fee with any money sent.

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