LODC 1.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the public release of LODC 1.0! For those who have not been following the forum thread, there are videos below showing what LODC 1.0 is capable of.  We would like to thank Xzanth for providing a lot of the early iterations of the camera math that allowed us to keep working on the rest of the system, Triad for figuring out how to move the camera while paused and helping us understand the evilness that are targets* as well as networking player names for demos, and Fixious for constantly being there for feedback and testing. It might seem like an easy thing to some, but between all the developers it takes hundreds of hours to get something like this finished as-is.  A lot of experimentation and testing went into this. 

It's important to note that the only demos compatible with LODC 1.0 are the ones from the previous PUG night and any recorded demos going forward after release.  Your older demos will continue to playback normally if you have a previous version of Legions.exe, but will lack the LODC 1.0 functionality.

The LODC Demo Addon provides the following functionality to Legions: Overdrive's demo playback:

  • Access to a list of players in a demo for quickly following or finding them.
  • A free camera to look around where you like.  Use the mouse scrollwheel to speed up or slow down camera movement.
  • The ability to pause a demo and continue to look around and have Legions scripts contiue to run.
  • Create bookmarks during a game to return to in a demo (v2 of the bookmarks system).
  • Greately sped up fast forwarding from the old bookmarks system.
  • Added a 'rewind' which is not instant but gets you back to a move in a short time to check your path.
  • Create any number of keyframed camera moves. The end result is very smooth playback.
  • A cleaner UI for recording.
  • Names for every player.

Please check out the comments thread linked below for a brief tutorial. Poponfu is working on putting together a more comprehensive one within the next few days. Also linked are demos from the last PUG night we tested on this build, for anyone who wants to play around with this thing. It is really fun once you get the hang of making paths quickly.


Also part of this update:

  • Regen core's AOE no longer heals the flag carrier.
  • Flag carriers can no longer use jump pads.
  • A bug related to Boost core and friendly flags has been fixed.
  • An altered version of Fallout is now available as FalloutPUG, which features the flag on top of the base, as well as an increased out-of-bounds barrier.
  • A new version of Sleepwalker has been added, made by Hi!/Jello.
  • Diabolus has been updated with a nicer sky, terrain textures, and jump pad locations.




8/13/2015 Update.

    8/13/15 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

Today's update is not too much in the way of gameplay but something long sought after, mapvoting! There are some other smaller bugfixes as well as improvments to the maploading system to make it less of a hassle to try community maps. There has been a spike in develpment lately pretty much coenciding with the uptick in pugs and now even pubs. We have some more things cooking and will release some details once we know they are set in stone to release eventually. Please give some feedback about the new systems as well as any improvments or features you would like to see. 

 -LO Devs 

Patch notes...

-Sniper autofire bugfix.

 -Ravine updated by UCAN and trees chopped down by pop.

 -Whiteout updated by Fixious.

 -Added Diabolus CTF by Fixious.

 -Fixed an end of map crash with regen core.

 -You can now throw nades in rabbit. 

 -Other small bugfixes/improvements.


Starting a vote

Votes can be started by players or admins. Admins can start the vote from the game pannel. Players can start a vote by typing 'letsvote' in chat. When 60% of players have indicated the want to vote, one will begin.

The nomination phase

After a vote begins, there is 60 seconds for players to nominate a map. Players type 'nominate mapname mapmode' to nominate a map. If no mode is specified, CTF is the default. Both the map and mode are validated that they exist. After 60 seconds, nominations end and the top5 maps by number of nominations are selected. The voting phase begins.

The voting phase

The top5 maps are displayed in the game panel. When the voting phase begins there is a 'Vote for next map' option in the game pannel which will take them to the list. Clicking on a map gives it a vote. When 60 seconds pass, the map/mode with the highest votes is switched

Vetoing a vote

Both player and admin votes can be vetoed. Players can type 'vetovote' during the nomination phase. If 40% of the players indicate they want to veto, when the nomination phase is ended, the vote will be cancelled. If a vote is vetoed, neither an admin nor player one can begin again for another five minutes.


In the config.cs file (or live1 live2 etc.. on dedicated with more than one)


You will find the lines above. The order of these is the rotation of maps/modes on the server. Dropping maps in and loading them from the main screen or admin pannel should work without any additional file editing now. Mappers and Devs still have to be careful to only put the correct modes in their .mis file.

Players can type 'nextmap' in chat and be told the next map in the rotation coming up.


Looking for a Engine Programmer

Hey there, I am looking for a engine programmer to join the team and help finish up a long standing project of mine. Freecam demos have been in a limbo state for some time, the script side is finished but needing slight engine tweaks at a very deep level. The ideal person would be intermediate at least with C++ and not afraid to dig into the code. There is documentation on some things but a lot of the engine is always an adventure as you poke into a new area. I will be able to point out where some things are located and possible pseudo ideas. Small tweaks are needed to make the freecam recording process easier and larger changes to timescale enabling some better potential as far as camera shots go and to make creating camera moves easier.

Students or hobbyists just getting started out, looks great as a personal project on your resume! I hope this project can spark some life into the game with movies that really show the intensity of good ol` Legions. It would allow to videos to show all that is going on all over a map at once and give people a sense of the tension there is in good pub or pug. Please PM me on the forums if you are interested and tell me a little bit about your experience. If you have ideas for things after this project, that's cool too.



Legions: Overdrive F2P

We have some exciting news regarding the future development of Legions: Overdrive.  Soon Legions: Overdrive will be moving towards a F2P model!

Before you start wondering what this means for your beloved free game, let us explain. What this development change means is that you will be getting more regular and better content updates as some of our developers are going to be working on the game full-time. We also believe this will give us the push that we need to head forward to larger game distribution channels like Steam.

Accounts are making a return and with them we bring you brand new social and clan features to build the community upon. We hope to keep the game mod-able but naturally we may have to lock some things down. Don't worry though, with some modifications (to be detailed later), your custom maps are not going anywhere!

We'd also like you to meet your new in-game currencies, the Legionnaire Points (LP) and Core Coins (CC).

Legionnaire Points are acquired through your in-game AND community activity. How these numbers round is still under consideration. Getting LP through community activity means that you'll be getting points from getting likes on the forums, creating user content, or recruiting friends.

Core Coins will need to be bought from our upcoming store. Just like LP, the value numbers on coins is still being looked into so more info on that will be given on a later date.  We're looking into multiple payment methods (including digital currency such as Bitcoin), and we'll have further information when more details are concrete.


Shop Menu

In the beginning with LP you can obtain clan licenses, subtle weapon modifications, and modifications to your jet mechanics.

Clan licenses are required to create a new clan and to keep the clan existing each month. With this we try to limit the amount of near empty clans designed to just reserve names. We are planning on adding taxing of LP to the game as well so that upholding the clan does not only fall on the creators shoulders.  This way, the more active the community is, the lower the cost for maintaining your clan license will be!

Modifications will bring slight adjustments to damage, projectile speed, explosion radius, friction, air control, etc.  We want to stress that these modifications will be minor, and will no way bring a Pay2Win aspect to the game. 

With Core Coins you will be able to obtain everything you can with LP, plus cosmetic swag. New helmets, skins, jet effects and clan banners are just the start for your personalized experience.  This change may result in locking down of certain aspects of Legions: Overdrive, however we are looking at methods of having users be able to create custom content for a small fee, but then being able to upload them to the Legions Overdrive: Shop so that others can purchase the new content using their built up LP or CC.

We are very excited to see what kind of a community we can create for the game with these new tools and upcoming distribution channel launches.

Stay tuned for more information!






Legions Overdrive Stat Tracker Open Beta

Greeting Legionnaires,

I am happy to announce we are ready to release a beta version of the player stat tracking system. Due to the game being opened up for mods, the stats system for now will only be available on Hotswap and Empire servers when a game is started in CTF mode. This is a beta for stats and they will most likely be wiped in a week or two once some kinks have been found and ironed out. 

You will find a new link at the top of the page 'Stats'. Only registered users will be collected so go ahead and click 'Create Account' button on the stats page and follow the directions.

Let us know what you think or any bugs you encounter. We have plans for a stats version 2.0 with more detailed armor and weapon breakdowns. Also let us know what you would like to see in stats v2.0.

Feedback Thread




12/28/2013 Update

Hello Legionnaires,

Today's update notes are listed below , some other things you will see in the near future are: A detailed player stats tracking system ( authenticated ) is being added to the main site. There will also be a new core soon too (TimeSlam). There are other projects in the works but until we know things are going to release for sure we keep the details light. 

Also welcome Dabbleh to the team !


12/28 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

-Loading screen now shows the next map ( once the server decides ) as well as the scoreboard from the previous round.

-The LaserRifle's default fire mode is now click to start charging , click to cancel / fire. There is a new option located in the main options menu to switch back to the old hold and release style. Your screen will now flash very quickly when it has finished charging also.

The sniper charge issue is fixed , patch again if you saw it was broken earlier... switch weapons at least once then it will work.

-Mouseover descriptions have been added to all the inventory screen items.

-Overtime has been added for CTF , players will respawn with 15m on the clock. First to capture the flag wins. 

stats page

Vote for Legions Overdrive!

^click here to vote, no registration!

Welcome to the 4th Annual Indie of the Year Awards sponsored by Desura, a celebration of the years finest indie games chosen by you and us. For the next 4 weeks it is up to you to vote for your favorite indie games so that they may make the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December. There are over $15,000 in prizes. Winners up to $1000, top 10 and editors choice up to $500 each. Full terms & conditions.

To vote for Legions: Overdrive, simply click the banner above or go here to search for it. No registration required!


Forum Thread



Recent updates

Hello Legionnaires , there have been two updates recently and are available on the patcher. Shoreline by Teddy945 was added as well as LegionsLite finally being added to video options. pipeChallenge was also included, some players may enjoy if they cant find anyone to play with or a small group of friends in private. There are no scheduled updates but a few devs have long running side projects you might see in the future ! There were also a small number of tweaks.

-Dodge core now takes 30% of your remaining energy instead of a flat cost.

-You can now throw items/grenades in regular Rabbit. 

-Squished some bugs related to cores and custom loadouts ( <3 RR )


Please leave some feedback about the new maps and anything else on your mind you think should be tweaked/added. 

11/23 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

Core balance tweaks and new maps.

Hello Legionnaires , there is a new update available on the patcher. Mostly core balance tweaks and new maps. Please keep the feedback coming as always on the forums.


9/10 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

-Dodge core now requires 11.5 energy to activate.
-Dodge core distance traveled reduced 20%
-Emp AOE core disrupt timeout reduced to 2 seconds from 5.
-Shield core now only absorbs 20% from chaingun instead of 100% ( was bugged )

-Default demo restart time changed to 12500
-When players auto leave the game to restart demos it will now say so.
-URI support
-Flag visible in first person again.
-FCNC/CNC maps removed.. ( might come back fixed someday if someone gets the time )
server owners make sure to update your configs from config.cs which has been updated.. some maps are gone now and you will crash people.

-New option in video options.. DTS lighting ( it will turn the interior lights off on grassy for instance )

-Grassy revamped as a CTF map.

Congrats to the round3 Map Contest winners.. we had a tie !

-Added WinterMelt by Defender
-Added Qualm by Ucan

Legions Mapping Contest Round 2

Hey everyone,


The 2nd round of the Legions Mapping Contest has officially reached the voting stage!

The submissions are:


Cousland by Hi!

Outcast by Teddy945

Fringe by Oblivion

ValleyKing by Defender


Make sure you head over to the official thread and cast your vote for who you want to win and be sure to stay tuned for more information about the next round where you can submit your map for a chance to win!