Legions Overdrive Stat Tracker Open Beta

Greeting Legionnaires,

I am happy to announce we are ready to release a beta version of the player stat tracking system. Due to the game being opened up for mods, the stats system for now will only be available on Hotswap and Empire servers when a game is started in CTF mode. This is a beta for stats and they will most likely be wiped in a week or two once some kinks have been found and ironed out. 

You will find a new link at the top of the page 'Stats'. Only registered users will be collected so go ahead and click 'Create Account' button on the stats page and follow the directions.

Let us know what you think or any bugs you encounter. We have plans for a stats version 2.0 with more detailed armor and weapon breakdowns. Also let us know what you would like to see in stats v2.0.

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