Legions: Overdrive F2P

We have some exciting news regarding the future development of Legions: Overdrive.  Soon Legions: Overdrive will be moving towards a F2P model!

Before you start wondering what this means for your beloved free game, let us explain. What this development change means is that you will be getting more regular and better content updates as some of our developers are going to be working on the game full-time. We also believe this will give us the push that we need to head forward to larger game distribution channels like Steam.

Accounts are making a return and with them we bring you brand new social and clan features to build the community upon. We hope to keep the game mod-able but naturally we may have to lock some things down. Don't worry though, with some modifications (to be detailed later), your custom maps are not going anywhere!

We'd also like you to meet your new in-game currencies, the Legionnaire Points (LP) and Core Coins (CC).

Legionnaire Points are acquired through your in-game AND community activity. How these numbers round is still under consideration. Getting LP through community activity means that you'll be getting points from getting likes on the forums, creating user content, or recruiting friends.

Core Coins will need to be bought from our upcoming store. Just like LP, the value numbers on coins is still being looked into so more info on that will be given on a later date.  We're looking into multiple payment methods (including digital currency such as Bitcoin), and we'll have further information when more details are concrete.


Shop Menu

In the beginning with LP you can obtain clan licenses, subtle weapon modifications, and modifications to your jet mechanics.

Clan licenses are required to create a new clan and to keep the clan existing each month. With this we try to limit the amount of near empty clans designed to just reserve names. We are planning on adding taxing of LP to the game as well so that upholding the clan does not only fall on the creators shoulders.  This way, the more active the community is, the lower the cost for maintaining your clan license will be!

Modifications will bring slight adjustments to damage, projectile speed, explosion radius, friction, air control, etc.  We want to stress that these modifications will be minor, and will no way bring a Pay2Win aspect to the game. 

With Core Coins you will be able to obtain everything you can with LP, plus cosmetic swag. New helmets, skins, jet effects and clan banners are just the start for your personalized experience.  This change may result in locking down of certain aspects of Legions: Overdrive, however we are looking at methods of having users be able to create custom content for a small fee, but then being able to upload them to the Legions Overdrive: Shop so that others can purchase the new content using their built up LP or CC.

We are very excited to see what kind of a community we can create for the game with these new tools and upcoming distribution channel launches.

Stay tuned for more information!