LODC 1.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the public release of LODC 1.0! For those who have not been following the forum thread, there are videos below showing what LODC 1.0 is capable of.  We would like to thank Xzanth for providing a lot of the early iterations of the camera math that allowed us to keep working on the rest of the system, Triad for figuring out how to move the camera while paused and helping us understand the evilness that are targets* as well as networking player names for demos, and Fixious for constantly being there for feedback and testing. It might seem like an easy thing to some, but between all the developers it takes hundreds of hours to get something like this finished as-is.  A lot of experimentation and testing went into this. 

It's important to note that the only demos compatible with LODC 1.0 are the ones from the previous PUG night and any recorded demos going forward after release.  Your older demos will continue to playback normally if you have a previous version of Legions.exe, but will lack the LODC 1.0 functionality.

The LODC Demo Addon provides the following functionality to Legions: Overdrive's demo playback:

  • Access to a list of players in a demo for quickly following or finding them.
  • A free camera to look around where you like.  Use the mouse scrollwheel to speed up or slow down camera movement.
  • The ability to pause a demo and continue to look around and have Legions scripts contiue to run.
  • Create bookmarks during a game to return to in a demo (v2 of the bookmarks system).
  • Greately sped up fast forwarding from the old bookmarks system.
  • Added a 'rewind' which is not instant but gets you back to a move in a short time to check your path.
  • Create any number of keyframed camera moves. The end result is very smooth playback.
  • A cleaner UI for recording.
  • Names for every player.

Please check out the comments thread linked below for a brief tutorial. Poponfu is working on putting together a more comprehensive one within the next few days. Also linked are demos from the last PUG night we tested on this build, for anyone who wants to play around with this thing. It is really fun once you get the hang of making paths quickly.


Also part of this update:

  • Regen core's AOE no longer heals the flag carrier.
  • Flag carriers can no longer use jump pads.
  • A bug related to Boost core and friendly flags has been fixed.
  • An altered version of Fallout is now available as FalloutPUG, which features the flag on top of the base, as well as an increased out-of-bounds barrier.
  • A new version of Sleepwalker has been added, made by Hi!/Jello.
  • Diabolus has been updated with a nicer sky, terrain textures, and jump pad locations.