Looking for a Engine Programmer

Hey there, I am looking for a engine programmer to join the team and help finish up a long standing project of mine. Freecam demos have been in a limbo state for some time, the script side is finished but needing slight engine tweaks at a very deep level. The ideal person would be intermediate at least with C++ and not afraid to dig into the code. There is documentation on some things but a lot of the engine is always an adventure as you poke into a new area. I will be able to point out where some things are located and possible pseudo ideas. Small tweaks are needed to make the freecam recording process easier and larger changes to timescale enabling some better potential as far as camera shots go and to make creating camera moves easier.

Students or hobbyists just getting started out, looks great as a personal project on your resume! I hope this project can spark some life into the game with movies that really show the intensity of good ol` Legions. It would allow to videos to show all that is going on all over a map at once and give people a sense of the tension there is in good pub or pug. Please PM me on the forums if you are interested and tell me a little bit about your experience. If you have ideas for things after this project, that's cool too.