8/13/2015 Update.

    8/13/15 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

Today's update is not too much in the way of gameplay but something long sought after, mapvoting! There are some other smaller bugfixes as well as improvments to the maploading system to make it less of a hassle to try community maps. There has been a spike in develpment lately pretty much coenciding with the uptick in pugs and now even pubs. We have some more things cooking and will release some details once we know they are set in stone to release eventually. Please give some feedback about the new systems as well as any improvments or features you would like to see. 

 -LO Devs 

Patch notes...

-Sniper autofire bugfix.

 -Ravine updated by UCAN and trees chopped down by pop.

 -Whiteout updated by Fixious.

 -Added Diabolus CTF by Fixious.

 -Fixed an end of map crash with regen core.

 -You can now throw nades in rabbit. 

 -Other small bugfixes/improvements.


Starting a vote

Votes can be started by players or admins. Admins can start the vote from the game pannel. Players can start a vote by typing 'letsvote' in chat. When 60% of players have indicated the want to vote, one will begin.

The nomination phase

After a vote begins, there is 60 seconds for players to nominate a map. Players type 'nominate mapname mapmode' to nominate a map. If no mode is specified, CTF is the default. Both the map and mode are validated that they exist. After 60 seconds, nominations end and the top5 maps by number of nominations are selected. The voting phase begins.

The voting phase

The top5 maps are displayed in the game panel. When the voting phase begins there is a 'Vote for next map' option in the game pannel which will take them to the list. Clicking on a map gives it a vote. When 60 seconds pass, the map/mode with the highest votes is switched

Vetoing a vote

Both player and admin votes can be vetoed. Players can type 'vetovote' during the nomination phase. If 40% of the players indicate they want to veto, when the nomination phase is ended, the vote will be cancelled. If a vote is vetoed, neither an admin nor player one can begin again for another five minutes.


In the config.cs file (or live1 live2 etc.. on dedicated with more than one)


You will find the lines above. The order of these is the rotation of maps/modes on the server. Dropping maps in and loading them from the main screen or admin pannel should work without any additional file editing now. Mappers and Devs still have to be careful to only put the correct modes in their .mis file.

Players can type 'nextmap' in chat and be told the next map in the rotation coming up.