12/28/2013 Update

Hello Legionnaires,

Today's update notes are listed below , some other things you will see in the near future are: A detailed player stats tracking system ( authenticated ) is being added to the main site. There will also be a new core soon too (TimeSlam). There are other projects in the works but until we know things are going to release for sure we keep the details light. 

Also welcome Dabbleh to the team !


12/28 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

-Loading screen now shows the next map ( once the server decides ) as well as the scoreboard from the previous round.

-The LaserRifle's default fire mode is now click to start charging , click to cancel / fire. There is a new option located in the main options menu to switch back to the old hold and release style. Your screen will now flash very quickly when it has finished charging also.

The sniper charge issue is fixed , patch again if you saw it was broken earlier... switch weapons at least once then it will work.

-Mouseover descriptions have been added to all the inventory screen items.

-Overtime has been added for CTF , players will respawn with 15m on the clock. First to capture the flag wins. 

stats page