Core balance tweaks and new maps.

Hello Legionnaires , there is a new update available on the patcher. Mostly core balance tweaks and new maps. Please keep the feedback coming as always on the forums.


9/10 - Live Changes - patcher update required 

-Dodge core now requires 11.5 energy to activate.
-Dodge core distance traveled reduced 20%
-Emp AOE core disrupt timeout reduced to 2 seconds from 5.
-Shield core now only absorbs 20% from chaingun instead of 100% ( was bugged )

-Default demo restart time changed to 12500
-When players auto leave the game to restart demos it will now say so.
-URI support
-Flag visible in first person again.
-FCNC/CNC maps removed.. ( might come back fixed someday if someone gets the time )
server owners make sure to update your configs from config.cs which has been updated.. some maps are gone now and you will crash people.

-New option in video options.. DTS lighting ( it will turn the interior lights off on grassy for instance )

-Grassy revamped as a CTF map.

Congrats to the round3 Map Contest winners.. we had a tie !

-Added WinterMelt by Defender
-Added Qualm by Ucan