Recent updates

Hello Legionnaires , there have been two updates recently and are available on the patcher. Shoreline by Teddy945 was added as well as LegionsLite finally being added to video options. pipeChallenge was also included, some players may enjoy if they cant find anyone to play with or a small group of friends in private. There are no scheduled updates but a few devs have long running side projects you might see in the future ! There were also a small number of tweaks.

-Dodge core now takes 30% of your remaining energy instead of a flat cost.

-You can now throw items/grenades in regular Rabbit. 

-Squished some bugs related to cores and custom loadouts ( <3 RR )


Please leave some feedback about the new maps and anything else on your mind you think should be tweaked/added. 

11/23 - Live Changes - patcher update required