California Servers

Thanks to Molten Dwarf from Element Town for hosting some new game servers. The new [US] Element Town servers are located in Fremont California, which should be ideal for our west coast US players.

Let us know what you think!


Client Scripting Updates

A huge thanks to RockeyRex for adding the following updates:

  • Support for custom quickchats
  • Fix chat freeze on map change
  • Throw bar added (shows grenade/flag throwing power)
  • Being unable to join a server should give an error popup for clients rejected on connect
  • Password popup window for joining passworded servers

These have been pushed to the live channel as we're reasonably confident that they work. Let us know on the forums if you encounter any problems.

Users should delete the following mods if they've installed them, as they're no longer needed:

  • rrBrowzar
  • PowerLevel

Legions: Overdrive Community Video Contest

One morning, Seymour noticed that there was a lack of 'media' on the Legions: Overdrive site.  There were some screenshots on the blog, but really, it was hard to get a visual idea of what Legions: Overdrive is.

So, Seymour rolled out of bed, took a gander at the forums and realized that the community has a certain talent for making videos.  "Why do all the work, when the community could just do the work for me?" thought the handsome Canadian. 

And that brings Seymour to this blog post.  It's been hinted at before and now it's time to pull back the curtain and reveal: The Legions: Overdrive Community Video Contest!

What we're looking for are videos that showcase Legions: Overdrive;  Be it gameplay videos, 'Skill' videos, Tutorial videos, etc.  The best videos will be put up on a special Media section of the website.

Note: Tutorial/Introduction videos hold a special place in the Developers hearts.

As for content rules, let's avoid anything with cursing, nudity - basically keep the debauchery on the down low. 

To enter, simply upload your video to Youtube, ensure the video is shareable, and post the link in this thread.

Deadline for this first video contest will be July 1, 2011. 


Elegiac update and some minor tweaks

Okay, so Bravo has finished redoing Elegiac into an early day environment with morning mist instead of black fog. Give us your opinion!

Death messages for the Skybolt are in, and the grenades have been given a slightly further range, which is more comparable to the old version.

A small buff to Sentinel increasing the auto-heal just a tad. This is to help solve some of the issue of how Sentinels must avoid combat for prolonged periods as they heal up or are forced to respawn. It's only a tiny buff though, as he still has the most health and takes twice as long to heal as Raider.

Finally we've got auto kick for players who are AFK. Any players who are AFK for 5 minutes get automatically kicked from the server.


New hand grenades, the Skybolt and more

This will be the first phase of weapon changes we are implementing, and there will be more waves in the future. The new hand grenades come in 2 flavors, concussion boost and frag. These different types will be shown and selectable on different loadouts, indicated by either (frag) or (boost).

Concussion has a stronger kick to knock players and flags a bit more, and has the comboing ability for boosting. The damage and the impulse has been reduced so chasers will have to use them in succession and using them to stop incoming cappers is much less effective.

Frag grenades has a large and powerful explosion, but lack the ability to use for combos.

The new weapon, the Skybolt, is currently the replacement for the Rocket Specialist, as we are moving away from special weapons. This railgun-like weapon has a smaller explosion and less damage than the rocket, but is 50% faster and devastates players that move too predictably. This weapon can be found on the Outrider Raptor loadout, the Raider Huntsman loadout, and the Sentinel Juggernaut loadout. While we are currently using the rocket launcher model and sound effects, we are working on new sounds and a weapon model which we will add as soon as we are finished with them.

The Sniper rifle is only available on the Outrider, and the weapon has been hybridized between the normal and specialist versions. This new sniper does less max damage, but has a higher minimum damage so chasers and duelers will have a more effective shot when shooting with less energy. The refire rate is now between the specialist and standard values, so it isn't as spammable but you wait a bit less than you did on the old Raider Hornet loadout. This also helps balance out the increased effectiveness in chasing and dueling, if you miss that is.

The new effects are courtesy of PureWoopAss, who is now working with us.


Script Source Update now Live

The scripting updates from yesterday have now been pushed to the live channel. Most users shouldn't experience any problems, but will have to download around 130 small files.

One minor feature for those players who haven't downloaded any mods - this update includes the list of players connected to a server when you select it from the server list.

If you experience any problems as a result of this update, please use the bug reports forum.


Script Source on Public Test

Back in our State of the Empire Address in March we set a bunch of aims in the game which we wanted improved in the game, one of them being the release of the source to the scripts in the game. Maintaining a bunch of compiled script files is an absolute pain for us developers, so it's something we've wanted for a while.

As of now, the public test channel is now available for downloading, to switch to this you'll need to change the channel in your launcher. Above the "UPDATE" button you should see a select box with "Live" and "Public Test" - simply switch this to change channel. A fresh download of the public test channel is around 123MB, but shouldn't take too long to download.

The public test channel is currently fully compatible with live servers, so there won't be any test servers needed. We need you guys to test this on live servers to make sure it works as expected.

Now for a few notes regarding script source:

Do not set script files to read only. This will only cause problems with live development. We may want to update script files, and if you set a file to read only to prevent the launcher from downloaded an updated version then this could leave your client being unable to connect to servers.

Use the mods directory for script modifications. You might want to look through the modifications forum for examples on this. Most of RockeyRex's scripts should serve as good examples on how to modify parts of the game without needing to edit the script files which we supply.

When problems occur, do a fresh install. If you ever face problems and you've been using mods, we'll kindly ask you to delete your "live" directory where Launcher.exe is located (or "public-test" directory for the public test client) and download a fresh copy with the launcher.

Let us know what you think on the forums!


Elegiac Update on Public Test

We've updated the public test servers and set them all to CTF mode for Elegiac, and the max players has been set to 20.

Sleepwalker has been removed from the public test rotation and will make it onto live TDM servers soon.


Sleepwalker and Elegiac on Public Test

Time for more map updates! We're back to TDM for testing again.

Sleepwalker has been updated with terrain updates, spawn fixes and quite a bit of dust. Elegiac has also been added, a low visibility hilltop grassland map with rather large rolling hills.

Let us know what you think!


Fallout and Stygian now Live

We've now pushed Fallout and Stygian to all live CTF servers and shut down the public test servers. You'll now see Fallout on both large and small maps servers (needs 14 players for small servers), and Stygian on small maps servers.

Have fun!