Legions: Overdrive Officially Launched

First of all, thanks to all the players who have helped us test over the weekend to find various bugs and problems we've found with the game.  We've managed to squash a bunch of critical bugs after a stressful few hours, and various other problems over the past 2 days.

As our public preview weekend was successful and most of the major issues have been solved, we've decided that Legions: Overdrive is now officially launched!  We consider this to be our open beta release - things aren't perfect, but we're letting you play it.

For all new players, please register at our account registration page, and then download the Legions Launcher to get going.

Patcher update

Anyone who has downloaded the patcher over the weekend, please download the latest version of the patcher.  Various bugs have been fixed related to username/password problems, double launching, and a few other bug fixes.  Eventually we'll be blocking access to older versions of the patcher, so make sure your version is updated.

This is just the start...

As I'm sure you're aware, there are things which are missing from the game.  Currently we've only got CTF up and running, with just a limited selection of maps.  Team registration is currently disabled, so that means clan tags aren't available just yet.  There are other little things missing, but I'm sure you'll be aware once you get playing.

We didn't want to delay the launch until everything is absolutely perfect, as with live development we can fix bugs after the release.  So over the next few days/weeks, we'll be aiming to get the old maps back in, game types, and various other things which we didn't have the time to finish.  Some of them might take a bit longer than others, but eventually we'll have them back.  After this we'll be able to start pushing new content which you haven't seen before.

There are still likely to be bugs, so if you encounter something which hasn't been reported, please make a post on our bug report forum.

Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks, we'll see you ingame!