Spawn Updates on Public Test

On the public test servers we've made a few changes to how players spawn in the game:

  • Players spawn as Outrider with rocket launcher and chaingun (no grenades).
  • Players must go to their teams ammo stations to change to their selected loadout.
  • Enemy ammo stations and central ammo stations will resupply ammo, but won't change your loadout.
  • Spawn timer has been reduced from 3.25 seconds to 2 seconds.

Although the number of changes is rather small, it will have a rather large effect on Legions gameplay - this is why we're putting these updates on public test servers, to get your feedback.

Our aim is to improve the game with more interesting gameplay, and this could potentially be the start of it. These changes could lead to things like destroyable ammo stations, with teams having to defend their base assets if they want to switch to the more advanced weapons (sniper, sky bolt, and other new weapons coming soon).

Please note that most of the maps weren't designed with ammo stations in mind, so they might be in an inconvenient place from where you spawn. Just remember that these maps can be updated if needed to support the changed gameplay.

So - let us know what you think. Please try and be detailed in your feedback.