Big Fat Weapon Update on Public Test

This will be our second pass over weapons, and boy is there a lot to go over. Nothing is set in stone of course, so go stomp around and see what you think.

Mortar - The death blow has come. This green beast brings fear to all, regardless of what class you are. Anyone nearby will be annihilated, and Outriders especially better watch their step! Kept at medium range and the largest explosion in the game, this ballistic weapon is only allowed on Sentinels.

Plasma - While it might be slow and the weakest projectile in the game, it fires it at 20xs a second, almost double the chaingun, making it only beaten by the Mortar in pure damage. However the electrical charge quickly dissipates and this weapon is limited to very close range only.

Blaster - Slow and steady wins the race, and by slow I mean it fires almost 3xs a second. But this lumbering fireball is not to be ignored, 'cuz fire hurts like hell. Fighting in cramped quarters (like inside the Fallout base) this rapid-fire splash weapon demolishes everything. Using it out in the open better know how to lead it.

Skybolt - After getting feedback this weapon was redone. With a faster reload time and reduced damage, this weapon now goes at extreme speeds, screaming past the sound barrier. This weapon will only favor the accurate too, since it has an extremely small explosion radius.

Grenade - Yes, the grenade has been touched, but in a good way. Given a deeper arch, a slightly faster reload, and a further range, this grenade won't fizzle at long shots. With a bit of extra bounce it now claims it's victims around corners and over hilltops that, until now, have always been safe.

Cluster - Now that the Sentinel has claimed the green death, the cluster has been moved to Raider only. This slower ballistic does not have the range that the normal grenade now has, but it bounces much less and can be armed for a period of time before manually detonating it. If detonated it will release fewer bomblettes than the classic did, but it still packs quite a wallop. If it is not manually detonated the GLII will explode on impact sooner than the normal grenade, but delivers a bit less damage as a result.

You might notice some weapon models have a colored glow, but this is only temporary until the real models are finished. Special thanks go out to PureWoopAss for helping us design the explosion effects. Sound effects are also in progress for everything and you might notice a few new ones on skybolt (courtesy of Metreon) and blaster.

The public test servers are passworded to prevent people getting confused, and please direct people to this blog post to get the password. Password is: mortar.

So go explore and tell us what you think!