Introducing Your New Co-Community Manager: Apcizzle!

Hey everyone!

Most of you may know me from as early as beta 1.0 of Legions. Some of you may know me as the host of Legions Live. Or maybe from Legions Overdrive Top 10. If you don't know me at all, well shame on you!

Anyways, I'd like to welcome myself as part of the Legions development team as your new co-community manager along side with SeymourGore. Don't worry, cuddley wuddley Seymour isn't going anywhere so there is no need to panic.

As your new "go-to" guy, I plan to help this community enhance it's player base as well as their involvement within the community. I would like to bring back my radio show (announcement will come soon) for starters. Any idea's that any of you may have to help the community grow or anything along those lines, i'd love to hear from you so just send me a message on the forums!

Thank you everyone for making this community the way it is today and I plan to see nothing but great things in the near future! 

- Apcizzle