Summer Extravaganza Tournament Winner: Trippin Nutz

We here on the development side of Legions: Overdrive would like to congratulate the winners of this summers pickup-style tournament winners Trippin Nutz led by Envy. The following players participated in the final match to help bring their team to victory on frostbyte (9-3): Envy, Mabel, U8er, Kissy, Severance, Jago, Ammunition and n33d for w33d. You can message ucantry2run your paypal to collect your winnings or tell him what you would like him to do with your share of the winnings. Great job guys!

Also, i would like to thank ucantry2run specifically for helping me setup the rules for this tournament and putting out the initial cash prize to have this setup up. Thank you kind sir. Without you, this tournament would not have made it to its full potential. And another big thanks to the community out there for such a big turnout of 79 players! And a good 60+ players ended up showing for the opening matches, which that in itself is an awesome turnout for the game. You guys are awesome and with all the fun we all had, look out for another tournament!