Unlocking Legions - Upcoming Changes

Since the start of Legions: Overdrive it's been our intention to address player hosted servers at some point, however we wanted it on our terms. We wanted a solution which allowed players to host servers, but for us to still have secure control over accounts, so we could offer registered nicknames, teams, and other features which could be added over time.

After quite a few discussions between the dev team, we've decided to change our plans. We'll be unlocking the game, allowing full server functionality for end users, however this comes at a slight cost.

No Accounts Required

The game will no longer require accounts to play the game, this means that:

  • All players will be able to pick any name they want, however they won't be protected.
  • Team registration will no longer exist.
  • Account registration will be deactivated.

We realise that this may remove certain features which players like, however we now feel that releasing the server code is more important - allowing players to host their own games and modders to tweak the game as they want is better than keeping things locked down for longer.

What Happens Next?

Our announcement is slightly premature, as we still need to put this plan in action!

We'll need to spend some time reworking the scripts to remove our authentication system, both client and server side. We need our own central banning system for official servers, to ensure abusive players remain banned from all servers instead of dealing with them on a server by server basis.

Our patching system will also need an update at some point, however this can be updated at some point in the future. We can still leave accounts running until a replacement is ready.

We'll also be reducing the number of servers in places where they're no longer viable to run. We'll still be running official servers, however players can host their own games or run their own servers in the areas not served by an official server.


Any questions? Let us know what you think on the forums.