Unlocked Game on Public Test

On the public test channel you'll now find an updated version of Legions which is unlocked - it can act as a server to host your own games.

Our developers have updated quite a few files, so this version is incompatible with the live version. We've got quite a few updated assets, a new Legions.exe file (with an updated icon - finally!), the server scripts needed, and various other little things updated.

We've got [US] Public Test running CTF to allow you to test the public test channel with one of our servers. We're not planning on running any other public test servers - as the more interesting thing with this update is the ability for you to host your own games.

Please note that whilst we've pushed this for testing - our support for this is currently minimal. We've still got quite a bit of work to do to improve the configuration and setup of the game, and this may still take a couple of weeks before we're happy to push these changes to live servers.

So, have fun giving this update a test!