1.40 Patch is Live!

After a good round of public testing, we've made a bunch of changes and pushed the 1.40 patch to the Live servers.  Please delete your Live folder in your Legions install and re-download Live.

There's a few things you should know about this patch.  First off, engineer is not included.  We've taken the feedback from the community to heart and are trying to rework everything to keep that Legions feel.  More information soon about this.  Second, Grassy is not in this patch as it's receiving a visual overhaul.  It will be released soon.

The [US] Hotswap and [DE] Empire servers have been updated.. Legal Aliens and others will be delayed as their owners get to updating.

The full changelog is below:


  1. Shield Core : Activate for a shield. Converts damage to energy loss until you are out. Damage over the amount of energy you have remaining will bleed into health when the shield is destroyed. Very slow energy drain while it is active.
  2. Boost Core: increases the velocity of the player in their current movement vector at the cost of health after a brief charge time. The boost given falls off at higher velocities as the charge time increases.
  3. Dodge Core: Dodge in one of 8 directions depending on the keys held. There is a 300ms delay when you let go of a key before that is registered allowing easier diagonal dodges.
  4. Regen Core: Now consumes energy while restoring health.
  5. Engineer Core: Will be released in a update soon. Undergoing some changes.

Game Modes

  1. CTF: CTF as we have always known it
  2. Hunter: Hunters has been restored. Kill players and steal their flags then return them to the nexus to score. The amount of points increases exponentially with the number of flags you are holding.
  3. CNC: This gamemode goes to 7000 points. Capturing capture points around the map will start slowly adding to a teams score. Main bases have reactors in this mode and are capture-able after 10 minutes Capturing all the spawn points will win the game for a team.
  4. FCNC: This gamemode goes to 10,000 points. Capturing capture points around the map will start slowly adding to a teams score. Capturing the flag is worth 500 points. The main bases do not become captureable in this mode.
  5. Team Rabbit: With one flag and two teams, points are scored by passing the flag among your team. The passes are scored on how high, fast and difficult to catch they are, and can be worth up to 240 points.


  1. Repair Gun: added; repairs deployables and assets
  2. Plasma: self impulse has been nerfed
  3. Blaster Rifle: now lights players on fire. MA damage increased to 15 from 5.
  4. Sniper Rifle: now has a charge time with a shortened reload time.
  5. Bolt:Now has a very slight area impulse.


  1. Main Menu: redesigned; functionally identical
  2. Game Menu: redesigned; functionally identical in most regards though many new keybindings have been added, so you’ll want to take a look at that.
  3. HUD: while many new features have been added, the HUD still maintains much of the same functionality as before in the same general locations.
    1. Status bars are now dynamic and can be centered if desired.
    2. IFF has been updated to support capture point assets ()
    3. Critical game objectives and game status elements have been shuffled around
    4. Skin Select: Skin select has been activated, To switch to it , click at the top of the loadout window. Loading a saved skin then switching to the skin page and clicking apply will save that skin to your custom loadout.
    5. coresHud has been moved to the center-top of the screen.


  1. Demos are working now , set the options to yes in the demo page from the main menu. Its a good idea once you are done playing to rename these files still.