Public Test Going Live

It's been a few months since we released the unlocked version of the game on the public test channel, and today it's time to finish that process and push our changes to live servers. Over the next couple of hours I'll be pushing the public test updates to live, and updating servers to go along with it.

As explained in a previous blog post, this means the following changes will occur today:

  • Authentication server will be shut down
  • All servers will allow any player to use any name they want
  • Teams registered on the account management area will be removed

For now, you'll still need to login to use the Legions Launcher to keep your game patched and updated, however at a later date we'll be releasing an updated version which removes this requirement.

There are various changes which makes this game incompatible with the previous version of live, if you encounter any problems we recommend the following:

  • Delete live/legions/preferences/config.cs and live/legions/preferences/prefs.cs, as well as the .dso versions - and try again
  • Delete your entire live directory and let the launcher download a fresh copy without any modified files

If your friends aren't aware of these changes, please point them to this blog post and explain that they may need to delete their live directory to get a fresh install of the game.